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5 Tips to Help You Save On Your Next Vacation

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Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to going over-budget! It’s very possible to go on vacation and have a good time, but still be frugal. If you follow some vacationing tips and tricks, you can save hundreds or even thousands on your vacation! Check out these 5 Tips to Help You Save On Your Next Vacation!

5 Tips to Help You Save On Your Next Vacation

1. Figure Out Transportation Early

Some cities are full of public transportation opportunities. Others pretty much require a car. Research the city you’re traveling to, and find out if you can take buses or trains to get where you need to go. If so, find out if it’d be cheaper to pay for those per-ride, or to get a multi-use card. If public transportation is not a possibility, compare the costs of cabs, Uber/Lyft, and renting a car. Maybe even see if you can mostly get around by walking. By knowing all of this ahead of time, you’ll be able to choose the most inexpensive option and can save on your next vacation!

2. Prepare for Deals

If you’re not traveling with your phone or pocket full of coupons and deals, you’re going to spend more on your vacation than you need to! Find out where you’ll likely be going on your vacation, then see if you can buy gift cards to those places at a discount (you can find some of these at and sometimes at Costco). Also look for traditional coupons, and search Groupon for deals. And don’t forget any special identification, like a military ID or AARP card, which may earn you special discounts.

3. Make Your Own Food

Eating out all the time is expensive, whether you’re at home or out on vacation. To save on your next vacation, consider making some of your own meals. Find a decently priced local grocery store, and pick up some ingredients to make simple breakfasts or sandwich lunches. Try to save the majority of your eating out budget for dinner.

Vacation-savings4. Don’t Travel at Peak Times

Planning to travel around Memorial Day? So is everyone else. If you plan your vacation around a holiday, weekend, or the middle of summer, you’re going to pay a lot more for your vacation. To save money, travel closer to the off-season. For US vacations, that usually means the months in late summer/early fall. You’ll save a lot, won’t have to deal with overcrowded destinations, and can enjoy some milder weather!

5. Buy Ahead of Time

Don’t show up to your beach vacation without sunscreen thinking you’ll just pick some up at a shop along the beach. You’ll get sunscreen, sure, but it’ll cost a lot more than if you’d bought it at a local store before leaving home. Also, if you plan to sit out in the sand, you may save a lot more by buying your own beach umbrella instead of renting one at the beach. If you want to save on your next vacation, see if you can find the rental/purchase prices for stores where you’ll be vacationing. Then figure out if it’d save you more money just to buy your own things at home and travel with them.

What have you done to save on your vacations?