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5 Tips for Magic Kingdom Parade Viewing at Walt Disney World

One of the quintessential Walt Disney World experiences is watching the parade at the Magic Kingdom. The parades are always tremendously popular and the routes can be difficult to deal with whether you are viewing or not.

In order to have the best time during your Disney trip, follow these 5 do’s and don’ts for Magic Kingdom parade viewing.

Do Arrive Early

Don’t show up late and expect a good spot. Be aware of parade times and observe your surroundings. If you see ropes going up, or the parade route beginning to fill in with spectators it’s a good time to start looking around for your spot.

A good time to shoot for is AT LEAST a half hour before the parade begins.

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Do Listen to Cast Members

Don’t ignore what the Cast Members are telling you to do. You may think they have an attitude, but often times what they say is specifically for your benefit, if not for the greater good.

When you follow the guidance of Cast Members it makes everything go more smoothly. It’s even better if you ask them yourself. Try getting suggestions for the best viewing or confirm which direction the parade will be going.

Do Stop at the Restroom First

Don’t wait until you have a spot and then go look for a restroom. No one likes to save a viewing spot as the area fills in just prior to a parade. Likewise parade routes are difficult to navigate as the normal walkways get blocked and bottlenecks form .

The crowds slow down and even come to a stand still. As long as it’s avoidable, try not to leave a spot once you’ve claimed it.


Do Bring Food

Don’t leave your spot to buy food. Just like making a restroom stop before the parade, it’s a good idea to pick up some counter service food, or visit a snack cart before you look for a place to view the parade.

It’s nice to enjoy your food while you wait for the entertainment to begin. If you leave after finding a spot, you will run into the same traffic problems as the viewing areas fill in. Plus, you will have lines at the register and pick up counter to contend with.

Do Choose an Accommodating Space

Don’t ignore the viewing area designations and signage. If you try to get away with standing somewhere you aren’t supposed to you will be asked to move eventually and you will have missed your opportunity to find a better spot.

Do your best to move down the parade route until you can get a space that will hold your whole group comfortably so you don’t have to look over or around other guests, or hold up a child on your shoulders in order to see.

What are your best parade viewing tips?

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