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5 Mistakes Not To Make When Planning Your Day At Magic Kingdom


When you plan a day at the Magic Kingdom you have to be careful about making things harder on yourself. You should have a good time at the park, but often people make common mistakes that could ruin your entire day.

day at the magic kingdom

Here are five mistakes you should be careful not to make as you plan your day at the Magic Kingdom.

Over Planning

One big mistake that is easy to make when planning a day at the Magic Kingdom is to try to do too much. Especially if you have not been to Walt Disney World before, you will be tempted to try to do everything.

Unfortunately, the more you load onto your plans for the day, the less room you allow for things to go wrong. The unexpected is bound to happen, so lighten your load and leave room for spontaneity and problem-solving.

Expectations Too High

Similar to planning too much, a common mistake is to expect too much of yourself and the kids. You might think you can take on more than you should. This comes in the form of pushing too hard and tiring out early, trying to be in too many places at once, or being at the park earlier or later than you are realistically able to.

The more realistic your expectations are for yourself, the easier it will be to reach the goals you set for your day at the Magic Kingdom.

Spacing Your Fastpasses Apart

You have advance opportunities to schedule three Fastpasses for the day. If you stay at a Disney resort, you get 60 days. Advance Fastpass scheduling is very helpful, but you can also cause problems by not planning properly. After you use your three Fastpasses you can continue to grab more throughout your day at the Magic Kingdom.

day at the magic kingdom

It would be a big mistake to schedule one of your three options for the evening and miss out on additional Fastpasses. Scheduling them too early is bad, too. You don’t want a Fastpass scheduled before enough time has allowed a significant line to form. If there are no lines, you have basically wasted a Fastpass.

Forgetting Reservations

Another piece of advance planning for a day at the Magic Kingdom is dining reservations. It’s a big mistake not to make reservations for table service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. There are terrific counter service restaurants, which you should use mobile order on to save time, but if you want to secure a place to dine, particularly on a busy day at the Magic Kingdom, you should reserve a table as early as 180 days in advance. A guaranteed table and a lengthy break from the crowds are two benefits of a good table service option.

Picking the Wrong Date

You have to be careful when planning your Walt Disney World vacation and what days you intend to visit each of the parks. Extra Magic Hours are a deciding factor for a lot of planners who want to maximize their time in the park.

However, there may be other scheduling conflicts to look out for including early park closures for nighttime events. Check the calendar and make sure you are familiar with the park hours before committing to a particular date.

day at the magic kingdom

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