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3 Tips for Doing Disney Solo

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Disney Solo

I often see people on social media asking about visiting Walt Disney World Resort alone. Asking for suggestions of what to do, where to stay and where to dine. I visit WDW alone often and the best advice I can give is ~ have it your way!! Take the time to do exactly what you want and when you want to do it.

I absolutely love being able to get up when I want to and head to whatever park I feel like it – no plans – no rush – no problem! I love eating when I want, what I want. I love going back to the resort whenever I feel like it. There is so much about going solo that makes me happy! Don’t get me wrong ~ I love heading to WDW with my family but going solo is a totally different experience that you really should try.

I have made many new friends while visiting alone. Chatting with families in line, while eating, while on an attraction is something you rarely get to do when visiting with your own family since your focus is on them. I get to sit and watch every show I love without a family member complaining. I sit on a bench and watch happy families experiencing the magic. All at my own pace. 

Here are my tips for heading to Walt Disney World Resort solo:

Choosing a Resort

If you are someone that doesn’t travel solo often and tend to be on the nervous side, call ahead and request a room close to the main lobby or main building. Explain to the Cast Member that you will be traveling alone and aren’t comfortable walking far or to the rear of the resort alone. When traveling alone I usually stay in one of the deluxe resorts that offer elevators directly to your floor from the main building of the hotel. If a deluxe resort isn’t in your budget, the value and the moderate resorts will almost always honor your request for a room close to the main building. Take your solo trip opportunity to stay in a resort you have always wanted to try but it didn’t work because of family size.

Dining Reservations

I often head to Walt Disney World on one of my solo trips with no advanced dining reservations. I do this mainly because when I am traveling alone I like to take advantage of the opportunity to only eat when I feel like it and where I feel like. About 85% of the time, because I am alone, I can get a walk-up seating or a walk-up reservation for later on in the same day. If I eat a large breakfast, I very often will just snack my way around the parks most of the day and then take something from the hotel back to my room with me to eat before going to bed. How often at home do you get to eat what, when and where you want? I know it’s not something I get to do often. If you are one that won’t feel comfortable without a reservation take your solo trip as an opportunity to eat in some of those restaurants that the kids just HATE and don’t want to try. Better yet, have an ice cream sundae for dinner! Something you surely can’t do with the kids in tow.

Purchasing Your Park Pass

When traveling solo, be sure to include the park hopper option on your park pass. Moving from park to park is so much easier to do when you are alone! You can head to the Magic Kingdom in the morning, enjoy your favorite attractions and leave by lunch time to head to Epcot ~ all without complaints ~ all very easily. When only worrying about yourself, moving from place to place is a breeze!

Disney SoloStay out late and see the “Kiss GoodNight” at the Magic Kingdom!

Always remember this one important thing when visiting Walt Disney World alone ~ you are never truly alone at WDW! Cast Members are friendly. Restaurant staff is friendly. Most other visitors are friendly. Take the opportunity to move out of  your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with those on the bus or monorail. A solo trip is also a perfect time to meet up with friends who may be visiting at the same time without trying to fit it into your family’s schedule.

Most importantly ~ Have fun!