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25 Tips for Corona Virus Quarantine Survival

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tips for quarantine survival

I’ve said this a few times this week – We are all in this together. We are all at home. We are all doing things out of our comfort zone (like homeschooling for instance). Some may even be lonely because they live alone and their job is where they interact with others. Many have canceled spring break plans. I hope these 25 Tips for Quarantine Survival will be helpful.

In order to get through this difficult Corona Virus time, we all need to think outside the box just a little bit.

Since we all need to do the important things like homeschooling the kids, keeping the house extra clean, wash clothes, cook, etc., we MUST find fun things to do during our quarantine to keep us sane.

What To Do With the Kids

TIP 1: Everything I am reading is recommending that you structure the kid’s day exactly as it’s structured while they go to school. I have no small children so don’t know what is right or wrong but here’s my thoughts on that . . . We normally spend everyday keeping a strict and tight schedule, running from job, to school, to sporting activities, to dancing lessons, to grocery store, etc.

Why not give yourself and the kids a break during this time and be a little more flexible with time. As long as they understand that what they don’t finish today must carry over to tomorrow – what’s the harm? Make a schedule that helps you get through the day with less stress.

TIP 2: Go on a Safari! Many of the zoos around the country are live streaming the animals.

TIP 3: Go Camping! Set up a blanket tent in the family room. If you’re brave enough, set up a real tent in the back yard!

TIP 4: Go on a picnic on the back porch or in the back yard!

TIP 5: Get crafty. Dig out all the old craft supplies and let each child use their creativity with what’s available.

TIP 6: This is a perfect time to teach the older kids how to do the laundry. One less thing to teach them when they are heading off to college! And don’t forget to teach them the art of toilet bowl cleaning too!

TIP 7: Teach the kids how to cook some simple meals with things you have on hand in the pantry. Bake cakes and cookies – make jello jigglers!

TIP 8: Play board games and finally finish those giant 10,000 piece puzzles.

TIP 9: Let the kids learn something new. There is something for everyone to learn on YouTube. Let them learn how to fix the toilet. Your daughter can learn how to french braid hair. How to change a tire will be a skill all the kids may need some day! Have an old key board around – who wants to learn to play piano?

TIP 10: Let each kid make a scrapbook and include whatever they want in it. What things are most important to each child? What pictures do they want to include?

25 tips for quarantine survival

Things for You To Do

TIP 11: Reach out and touch someone – call or FaceTime the cousin or friend you just haven’t had the time to speak to recently.

TIP 12: Make amends. This one may be hard but reach out to someone you may have offended or who may have offended you. Clear the air. If nothing else we are learning that life is short. Practice forgiveness.

TIP 13: Take a bubble bath. When’s the last time you had a good long soak in the tub?

25 tips for quarantine survival

TIP 14: Try out a new hair style. Why not try 3 or 4 new hair styles – or a new hair color.

TIP 15: Try new eye makeup. Did you ever wonder how you would look with really dramatic eye liner? Now’s the time to try it! Wear it all day to see how you really feel about it. Try new lipstick color. We all have one or two colors sitting around that we have never used. Nows the time to give them a try!

TIP 16: Start to plan and research your next family vacation. We won’t be locked in forever! Give yourself something to look forward to… at the Disneyland Resort! This year brings Avengers Campus on July 18, 2020, Halloween Time, holiday celebrations and so much more. Plan ahead and use my link to book your vacation with my partner, Get Away Today. Here’s my LINK. You can hold your vacation with Get Away Today for just $175 down.

TIP 17: Re-organize all the closets and cabinets you just never get a chance to clean out.

TIP 18: Clean out your closet. Try on every article of clothing you have and decide whether it’s a keeper – a donate – or a trash.

TIP 19: Listen to podcasts. Nows the time to listen to all those podcasts you’ve been meaning to check out for months. If you’re a Disney lover like me – check out: The Best Disney Podcasts to Listen to in 2020 compiled by No Guilt Disey

Tip 20: Try a new recipe. Make something you’ve been wanting to make but just don’t ever seem to have the time.

TIP 21: Do a facial masque or facial peel.

TIP 22: Focus on you. Take time to self-reflect. Take time to appreciate what you have and to appreciate this extra time with your family.

Things to Do with Your Mate

TIP 23: Get the romance back. Now that everyone is home and you have a little more time together, wait for the kids to go to bed and share a bubble bath. Don’t forget the candles and wine! Then watch a romantic movie in bed!

25 tips for quarantine survival

TIP 24: Dig out the fancy nightgowns and sleepwear. If they don’t fit anymore (I know mine don’t) go without!

TIP 25: Cook your mate’s favorite meal. Use the good china and table cloth with some soft music playing. Let the kids be the servers and dishwashers!

BONUS TIP: Remember to tell your family “I love you.”

25 tips for quarantine survival