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15 Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

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I don’t know about you and your family but in my house on Christmas, going through the stockings is always a big to do and lots of fun! So what should you get as stocking stuffers for travelers in your family?

As everyone gets older, it becomes harder and harder to find good stocking stuffers. When they are little, or even teenagers, we can find lots of things to fill those stockings. The older everyone gets, the harder those stocking stuffers are to figure out without spending lots of money.

stocking stuffers for travelers

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for the travelers in your family are not hard to find and don’t have to cost a fortune. With a little ingenuity you can find the perfect items for the travelers on your Christmas list. If you think about items that you love to use when you travel, you are well on your way to finding the right stocking stuffers for travelers.

Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Portable Chargers

Everybody needs these in their stocking – not just the family travelers!

Travel Journal

What better way for a traveler to record memories than by keeping a travel journal? Even if the traveler on your Christmas gift list has one a second one is always handy.

Forever Stamps

These come in handy for sending letters on US trips. Postal rates are subject to an annual increase in May. Postcard stamps are good if the traveler is scheduled to leave town before the rates increase. Forever stamps will still be honored even if the rates go up.

Magnetic Games

Magnetic games are good for passing time on long car rides. The pieces stay attached to the board instead of rolling all over the back of the car.

Card Games

Card games like Uno or a deck of playing cards are a nice stocking stuffer. These are small and portable. They can be used to whittle time away in an airport or motel.

Extension Cord for Laptop Computers

For times when the laptop cord won’t reach the electrical outlet.

Prepaid Calling Card

Even with cell phones there are some occasions when nothing beats a prepaid calling card. If your traveler goes international pick out a card that is good in as many countries as possible.

Travel Alarm Clock

Cell phone alarms often don’t work if the cell phone can’t get a signal. A small travel alarm clock is a nice gift and is good to have as a back-up.

Sample Size Goodies

Sample size goodies are easy to pack and travel with. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotions and soaps are perfect. Ladies may also enjoy face masks, scrubs, facial creams and foot rubs.

Travel Size First Aid Kit

These will usually have a couple of band-aids and an envelope or two of antibacterial ointment. Their small size makes them perfect for travelers.

Travel Sewing Kit

Buttons come off at the worst possible times. A travel sewing kit costs only a couple of dollars but comes in handy.

Picture Care

AA battery recharger with batteries. These are good for recharging batteries for travel cameras or palmcorders.

A disposable camera for when camera batteries fail mid-picture, a back-up disposable camera is handy to have.

Pens and Pencil Highlighters

These are great for jotting down postcards or for note taking. Highlighters that are pencils instead of pens are better for marking routes on maps. They don’t go through the paper that some maps are made of to obscure the writing on the other side.

Gift Cards

What could be better than a gift card for gas or for a motel? These are sure to be used on the next trip.

Automobile Club Membership

An AAA membership brings more than peace of mind. It brings valuable savings for your traveler in the form of hotel and car discounts plus it saves on maps and brochures.

Do you have any good ideas for stocking stuffers for the travelers in your family? After all, when they travel they bring home the best souvenirs so they deserve some great travel items!