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10 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta with Kids

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Centennial Olympic Park and Surrounding Buildings – Photo Credit: Cheap Flights

The capital city of Georgia is an interesting and attractive place to visit, either with or without kids tagging along. 

The city played a crucial role during the civil rights movement and you will get the chance to learn an amazing history about how the nation was built. 

This article offers a few highlights into some of the amazing and fun things you can do with kids in Atlanta.

1. Stone Mountain Park

This massive rock mold is an interesting piece of nature and geologists usually have a field day here. Rock climbing is a popular sport here and there are many hiking trails that bore through this rock all the way to the top. 

Photo Credit: Stone Mountain Park

If you are not a hiking fan, you can always hop on a cable car that takes you to the top, where you will be able to enjoy amazing views.

The park also hosts some great festivals and events and offers interesting and fun educational programs.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

This is a 35-acre complex that is dedicated to the civil rights activist. You will be able to learn everything about his involvement in this struggle, how he died and the circumstances leading to his death.

Photo Credit: Travel Insurance Services

Located in the lobby of the Visitor Center is the “Children of Courage” exhibit, which is geared towards our younger visitors. This exhibit tells the story about the children of the Civil Rights Movement with a challenge to our youth today.

The featured exhibit entitled “Courage To Lead” follows the parallel paths of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement.

You may also visit his graveyard or the house he grew up in, just a few blocks away.

Photo Credit: Children’s Museum of Atlanta

3. Children’s Museum of Atlanta

This is an interactive museum your children are guaranteed to enjoy. There are a lot of thrilling and exciting toys for the kids here, including a magical castle they can play in all day.

4. Piedmont Park

This is easily the most popular and most enjoyable park in Atlanta. There are numerous walking trails that allow you to blend in with nature. 

Photo Credit: Piedmont Park

The green expanse allows you for quiet time as you indulge your kids in a game or as you watch them play in the family-friendly pool inside this park.

5. LEGOLAND Discovery Center

This will be a definite hit with your kids. Who doesn’t like legos?

There is so much to see here, so much to do. Your kids will be spoilt for choice. 

They can take a ride in a lego train, get amazed by all the beautiful and gigantic things legos can build and possibly even do some building themselves.

6. Atlanta History Center

This is a historical museum where your family will get to learn about the role Atlanta played in the civil rights movement. 

Photo Credit: Atlanta History Center

There were a lot of historic demonstrations taking place across this city and they have all been recorded and preserved in this museum. Let the kids learn about the causes and effects of this movement that helped shape the state of the nation.

7. Centennial Olympic Park

This park was originally designed and built to host the 1996 Olympic games and after the games were over, it was translated into a people’s park. It is now an exciting and thriving center for entertainment as events are held here all through the year.  

Photo Credit: Atlanta CVB

You might be lucky enough to catch a free show here. There is a Ferris wheel in the neighborhood if your kids are looking to view the whole city from amazing angles.

8. Georgia Aquarium

This aquarium allows people to learn more about marine life. There are thousands of species in this aquarium and all kinds of marine life. 

Photo Credit: Georgia Aquarium

Your kids will surely have an amazing time, being up close and personal with these exciting marine beings.

9. Center for Puppetry Arts

This spot boasts itself as being the world’s best puppet collection museum. There is something for everyone and kids will be able to enjoy some amazing shows and puppets.

Photo Credit:

It will be more interesting if you get a guided tour so that you can understand why there is this excitement about puppets.

10. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

When you are tired, this garden will prove to be an amazing way to rejuvenate your spirits.

Photo Credit:

Walk among thousands of beautiful flowers and plants and get to learn about all the amazing things these flowers do for our eco-system.

What do you like to do in Atlanta?