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10 Tips to De-Stress Your Travel

Destress Travel Tips

Traveling on vacation is supposed to be relaxing so how come when we are trying to get ready to go our stress level raises sky high? Trying to pack and get everything ready to be sure everyone will have what they need, when they need it, can drive any calm person into a stressed filled zone! Here are a few tips to de-stress your travel.

1 – Create a packing list so you stay organized and don’t forget anything at home. But remember, if you forget something, unless you will be traveling into the jungle on a safari, chances are you can get what you need when you get where you are going.

2 – Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off when going through security. Get to the airport in plenty of time so that you aren’t stressed out waiting in the security lines.

3 – Carry filling snacks. Hungry family equals cranky family. Cranky family equals stress!

4 – Get bags and luggage that have built-in charging stations so you won’t be searching for plugs. Also, keep a portable charger with you so that your devices stay charged and usable all the time.

5 – Especially if you are traveling with little ones – get an APP called Flushd. The app maps out bathrooms based on your location.

6 – Carry all the documents you will need in one handy spot. I use a plastic envelope that I purchased in the one of the dollar stores. It’s a perfect size and fits wonderfully in my handbag, and holds what is needed for everyone in the family.

7 – If you will be traveling out of the country, use the XE Currency APP that will help you calculate the exact cost of your purchases in different countries so there will be no surprises (since surprises, especially monetary ones, can cause stress).

8 – Load up your iPad or tablet with plenty of in-flight ( or in the car) entertainment for yourself and the kids to help keep everyone busy during the trip.

9 – When you arrive at your destination – UNPLUG! Be sure to put an away message on your e-mail account so that any e-mails that come through will notify the sender you are on vacation.

10 – Traveling with others is always fun but can also cause stress. Have a frank discussion ahead of time about what’s expected during the trip so there are no hurt feelings.

Most importantly ~ relax, refresh, unwind and have a great trip! Do you use any special tricks for de-stressing your travel?

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