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10 Compelling Reasons to Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the world’s most fascinating travel destinations. This island state off the coast of Australia’s Victoria territory is renowned for its unique landscapes and wildlife as well as its fascinating cultures and people.

Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should visit Tasmania to escape the stress of everyday life.

Natural Wonders

Several natural wonders can be found throughout Tasmania that add to the island’s sense of intrigue. The Tasman Peninsula features a beautiful rock arch that straddles the sea along with some tessellates pavement that have somehow been divided into rectangular sections by the hands of nature.

Mount Wellington is a magnificent peak within the Wellington Mountain Range that’s often topped with snow throughout the year. The inlet known as Wineglass Bay is known for its stunning turquoise seawater and features a crescent-shaped beach.

You can also head to Russell Falls to be mesmerized by the sight of water cascading over the rocks.

Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

Unique Wildlife

Many people who visit Tasmania are fascinated by the different wildlife creates that call the island home. As Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania explains, many types of birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates can be found here.

Some of the most intriguing creatures include the mountain shrimp, short-beaked echidna and spotted-tail quoll. If you enjoy bird-watching, you can look for birds like the Australasian grebe or sooty shear-water. You’ll also likely see many colorful butterflies basking in the sun.

Of course, Tasmania is also home to the Tasmanian devil, which often makes its home in the eastern and northwestern part of the island and roams around the landscapes at night.

An Outdoor Paradise

If you enjoy partaking in outdoor activities, you’ll have no trouble finding plenty of ways to have fun as you discover Tasmania. Take a relaxing bike ride along the east coast to see breathtaking ocean views or through the Clarence Mountain Bike Park for a more challenging ride. Freycinet National Park and Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park are among the best places for hiking.

Cataract Gorge features several walking and hiking trails along with a swimming pool and the world’s longest single-span chairlift. If kayaking is your thing, the calm water of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel will provide optimal conditions.

You’ll also likely be surprised to learn that Tasmania is a premier destination for snow skiing in the winter, and you can head to the slopes of Ben Lomond or Mount Mawson to try the runs.

Spellbinding Beaches

You can also spend some leisure time at one of Tasmania’s pristine beaches if you want to sit out and enjoy an afternoon of spectacular ocean views. According to, Adams Beach, Black Beach and Eagle Point Beach are just a few of the beaches where you can go to soak up some sun.

The Telegraph also recommends checking out Richardson Beach if you’re looking for a beach with safe swimming conditions. Cloud Bay, Beer Barrel Beach and Friendly Beaches are other options.

Diverse People

Tasmania is home to a mix of people who are both native-born and immigrants. Many of the local Aussies are descendants of English, German and Italian settlers and have lived on the island their whole lives or are from other parts of Australia. Aborigines still inhabit Tasmania as well and maintain many of their traditions. A sizable population of Chinese immigrants also call the island home.

While visiting the island, you’ll get to interact with many of these residents and learn for yourself how their cultural influences have shaped the Tasmanian way of life.

Insightful Cultural and Historical Institutions

You can learn even more about Tasmania’s people, history and art by spending time at some of the best local museums, cultural centers and historical sites. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery features many exhibits that showcase some of Tasmania’s most important artworks and artifacts.

A mix of classic and contemporary artworks can be seen inside the Museum of Old and New Art – Mona. Woolmers Estate is a heritage site that was once an active 19th-century pioneer farm. The cities of Hobart and Launceston are famous for their historical buildings that were designed in classic Victorian, Edwardian and Regency architectural styles.

Fabulous Food

The island is even known for its unique cuisine that’s often prepared with fresh ingredients and delicious seasonings. Tasmania Top 10 lists the farmed salmon as one of the top foods because of its cultivation in pollutant-free waters that are ideal temperatures. The fresh vegetables that are grown can be paired with many other foods to create the perfect dishes.

The all-natural Leatherwood honey has a rich taste and can sweeten many foods. Tasmania also boasts a variety of Asian and European restaurants that serve many delicious international cuisines.

Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

Exciting Nightlife

If you want to explore the nightlife scene, you’ll be able to find plenty of nightclubs and bars that can add more excitement to an evening of your trip. According to TripAdvisor, many of the best nightlife spots are found in Launceston and Hobart.

Many of the local bars serve beers, wines and cocktails from around the world and also offer scrumptious snacks to patrons. For a one-of-a-kind dining experience at night, visit The Glass House in Hobart to enjoy a meal inside a floating glass house.

Ideal Weather

One of the biggest draws of Tasmania is the fantastic weather that visitors can experience throughout much of the year. During the December through February warm season, temperatures often hover in the 70s on many parts of the island with refreshing sea breezes around the coastal regions.

Most rainfall occurs from June through August, but temperatures rarely drop below freezing. The capital city of Hobart is known for its four distinct seasons and offers a sense of variety for everyone.

Fun Annual Events

Some of Australia’s best annual events take place in Tasmania. The Cygnet Folk Festival, which is usually held in January, includes many art pieces that are on display. The agriculture festival known as Agfest is another popular event that’s held each May.

If you’re an avid foodie, you can try samples of many delicious edibles at the Taste of Tasmania in December. Other noteworthy events include the Falls Festival, Dark Mofo and Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

You’ll be able to experience all the wonderful aspects of Tasmania yourself when you choose to spend a vacation here. The sights, sounds and adventures in Tasmania will likely make you want to come back for more.

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