How to Do Nashville on a Budget

Nashville Budget

Nashville on a Budget

Nashville is one of the most affordable vacation spots in the country. Tourists visit for the music and old country atmosphere. Nashville is one of those cities you just keep going back to over and over, even if you’ve already seen it all. The people, the music, the food… it’s tough to choose a top reason to visit because everything is great!

Drive In

Chances are, you’ll want to drive in or rent a car if you fly. The scenery in Tennessee is second to none so if you can drive in, do it! Nashville isn’t the only city in Tennessee that’s worth visiting.

Eat for Cheap!

Nashville has delicious food, and it’s cheap! Picture the typical Midwest/Southern food: BBQ, fried catfish, pulled pork, baked beans, and more. The portions are nice, too, so get a to-go box for when you’re hungry later.

The “hole in the wall” restaurants are usually the best to eat at. Avoid chain restaurants, and be sure to check Yelp and TripAdvisor before heading to a new joint or you might be sorely disappointed! Fortunately, I don’t think there is bad food in Nashville, so you should be safe. 🙂 

Snag Attraction and Museum Deals

Stalk Groupon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other deal sites for coupons before you visit any Nashville museums. Here’s a list of the best Nashville museums according to visitors and locals. You can save 50% or more with Groupon and other sites! It’s definitely worth planning ahead to save that much.

For a fraction of the cost of admission to some great attractions, you can get the Music City Total Access Pass.

Enjoy the Outdoors . . . It’s Free!

Beaman Park – Located about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville, you’ll feel like you’re in a beautiful country oasis getaway… not just a short drive from the city. The waterfalls and streams, along with unique plant life, make this a top spot to visit when you’re in Nashville.

Called the “Oasis in the City”, Radnor Lake State Park is worth spending an afternoon at. You’ll have no shortage of scenery to take in (and take photos of!). Pack a picnic and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful protected wildlife area and lake.

Once an 800 acre farm, Bells Bend Park is now open to the public (since 2007). If you’re a birdwatcher, this is the park for you!
Lock Two Park is off the beaten path, not nearly as popular as the other parks, but still just as worthy of a visit. If you’re a history buff, photographer, birdwatcher, or just overall nature lover, you will enjoy an adventure to Lock Two Park. The view of the river is second to none!

There are so many parks to visit, there’s no way to get them all!

Nashville gets cold in the winter, so some things (like visiting Farmer’s Markets) are best done during the other seasons. Spend some time checking out the best markets in Nashville.

What’s the best way to save money in Nashville? Let me know in the comments!

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San Antonio on a Budget

San Antonio on a Budget

Visiting San Antonio is always a great experience! It’s one of the best cities to visit on a budget, too. Traveling mid-week will save you quite a bit on hotel and airfare compared to the weekends. If you’re traveling with a large family or staying for more than a few days, it might be worth finding a vacation rental or timeshare instead of a downtown hotel.

The Little Stuff Ads Up!

Enjoy free parking in Downtown San Antonio on Tuesdays.

Use coupons from the San Antonio Tourism Bureau.

Call and ask for discounts: AARP, senior citizen, military, EMT, etc.

Save as much as 40% off popular attractions with the San Antonion Go Card.

Explore over 100 locally owned shops at San Antonio’s Market Square. It’s open 10AM-6PM daily.

Visit Museums on Free Days

San Antonio Museum of Art – Free on Tuesday evenings and Sundays from 10AM until noon.

The Witte Museum – Free on Tuesdays from 3PM until 8PM.

McNay Art Museum – Always free for kids and teens (19 and under), free admission for adults on the first Sunday of every month.

Admission to the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is always free, but there is a suggested donation.

San Antonio Budget

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

San Antonio has some awesome weather. Get out and enjoy it – for free! The Alamo grounds are free to visit, and even if you aren’t a history buff it’s interesting enough to attract nearly 3 million visitors a year.

San Antonio Parks

San Pedro Springs Park
Travis Park
List of San Antonio Parks

Scenic Lookouts

Tower of the Americas isn’t free but you’ll get the most spectacular views of the entire city here!

Best free view of San Antonio goes to Tower @ Eisenhauer, especially if you go in the early morning.

Don’t forget your camera – and hiking shoes – if you visit Camanche Lookout Park. It’s a 96-acre public park with a 5-mile hiking trail.

The view from the pavilion at the Japanese Tea Garden is unforgettable as well.

What’s the best part about visiting San Antonio? Let me know in the comments!

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Anaheim on a Budget

Chances are if you’re traveling to Anaheim, you’re going to visit Disneyland. There are many ways to do Disney on a budget, but that’s another blog post in itself! Disneyland isn’t the only thing to do in Anaheim. There are plenty of other ways to have fun on a budget – and even for free – while visiting.

The Great Outdoors . . .

Covering nearly 30 acres, this lush botanical garden is the largest in Orange County. Fullerton Arboretum was established in 1979 and boasts over 4,000 plants and trees. Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $5.

Yorba Regional Park has a parking fee of $3 per vehicle, but admission is free. Yorba is a great park for families! A beautiful setting on nearly 150 acres, the park has 400 picnic tables (many with shade). If the fishing doesn’t wear the kids out, the playgrounds will!

Learn a Thing or Two

Bowers Museum is free for kids under 12, and tickets for adults are $13. Exhibits change but some recent ones include Frida Kahlo (who is amazing!), Sacred Realms, Ancient Arts of China, and more. This museum features more than 130,000 works of art!

Visiting Muzeo is kind of tricky: you think you’re just having fun, but in reality, you’re learning something! You’ll erts, entertainment, education, and culture. Muzeo Museum isn’t free; there are different prices for each event. Some are $5 while others are $35. Check the upcoming schedule of events to see if it’ll fit into your budget.

Have Some Fun!

World famous Huntington Beach is the largest in Southern California. It boasts 10 miles of sunny, sandy beaches and isn’t far from Disney. Catch a wave or chill on the beach. Either way, you could spend an entire day here!

Rock City Climbing is an indoor rock climbing gym. Admission is only $12 but check Groupon to see if you can get a better deal.

Training home to the Mighty Ducks, The Rinks is a great place to go ice skating. Cost is $10.

Love sports? See the Angels play for as little as ten bucks.

Anaheim Budget

Disney Alternatives

Nothing beats Disney, but if you’re on a budget or all Disney’d out, check out these two:

A season pass to Knott’s Berry Farm costs about the same as a 1-Day pass to Disney. Live entertainment and rides will keep you busy all day long!

Admission to Adventure City is less than $20, and it’s a great experience! The roller coasters, rides, and other attractions along with the family atmosphere is what makes people come to Adventure City year after year.

Have you visited Anaheim? What was your favorite spot? Let me know in the comments!

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Las Vegas on a Budget

Visiting Las Vegas on a budget is easier than you might think. If you’re traveling on an extremely tight budget, you’ll want to avoid the Strip. However, most people go to Las Vegas just for the Strip, so I’m not going to tell you to avoid all the fun!

Skip the Weekends

You’ll pay a fraction of the price for a hotel room on Tuesday and Wednesday compared to what you’ll pay on Friday and Saturday. Flights are cheaper, too!

It’s also a good idea to avoid fight weekends, and other busy event times, like when CES comes to town.

Check for Resort Fees

Most of the hotels on the strip charge resort fees. Be sure to factor that into your budget when planning how much you’ll spend on the hotel.


One of the best parts of visiting the Las Vegas Strip? Most everything is either within walking distance or it’ll cost just a few bucks if you call an Uber or Lyft.

Food: Split with a Friend

Restaurants serve huge portions, even for lunch. Splitting with a friend means you each pay half – and save half!

If you’re traveling solo, this obviously won’t work the same way, but you could save half of your lunch for dinner.

See a Few Shows

Just because you’re on a budget in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to miss all the fun! Check out the Tix 4 Tonight website before you decide on which shows you’d like to see.

Another way to save money is to use the Go Las Vegas Card. You can save up to 55% on nearly 30 attractions. That adds up fast, especially when you’re traveling with a large family!

Ask About Discounts

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other businesses offer so many discounts that most people don’t take advantage of. Whether you’re an EMT, an AARP member, a teacher, or member of the military, be sure to ask about discounts wherever you go!

Don’t Forget About Groupon!

Groupon isn’t always going to give you the best deal, but sometimes you’ll score some awesome savings. Some groupons expire faster than others, so be sure to check the dates before booking anything.

Check Reviews

The worst thing to do on vacation is waste money. Read reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor before you go anywhere.

Las Vegas Budget

Visit as Many Free Attractions as Possible

Some of my favorite free views and attractions include:

Fountains at the Bellagio
Conservatory at the Bellagio
Volcano at the Mirage
Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo
Gondolas at the Venetian
Aquarium at the Silverton
Waterfall Atrium at the Palazzo
Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (downtown)
61 Pound Golden Nugget (downtown)

What’s your best tip for enjoying Las Vegas on a budget? Leave a comment below!

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Myrtle Beach on a Budget

Myrtle Beach Budget Travel

Off Season Travel

With a tourist destination as popular as Myrtle Beach, traveling off-season is a great way to save a ton of money. Renting a condo near the beach during the off-season can save you 50% or more on lodging alone.

When is off-season? Well, the answer depends on who you ask, but prices usually go down after the first week of September. The weather is still great, and summer activities are still in full swing for locals. Another benefit of traveling off-season is that you won’t have to deal with so many tourists!


Renting a condo can be less expensive than a hotel all around, especially if you’re traveling with a family. Dining out for each meal adds up quickly! Stop at a grocery store or local farmer’s market and stock up on food for the week, for at least two meals a day. Breakfast is usually cheapest, so if you want to go out to eat, do breakfast, lunch, or even brunch. Dinner can easily cost $10+ more per person. Check Yelp for the best deals, and for menus and pricing.

Free Things to do in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has many free things to do, but most people choose to hang out at the beach, on the boardwalk, or go fishing. If you are staying for more than a few days, you might want a couple of other things to add to your itinerary!

Myrtle Beach Art Museum has eleven galleries, and always has free admission. The museum does have limited hours (10AM til 4PM most days), so be sure to check the website before planning your visit.

Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens is technically in Little River, but it’s less than 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach and if you’re exploring the coastline you’ll probably make it up towards Little River anyway. Vereen is a pet-friendly historical garden, perfect for learning a bit, bird watching, and taking photographs. You’ll find yourself very relaxed here.

Horry County Museum and the South Carolina Hall of Fame offer free admission, and the Hopsewee Plantation offers guided tours for about $10 each, keeping it affordable for everyone.

Beaches, Parks, and Festivals… Oh My!

Check out this Free Stuff in Myrtle Beach Calendar for 2017 to plan some free fun for your trip. Whether you attend the Regional Robotics Competition in May or enjoy a movie during the free summer concert series, Myrtle Beach has tons of free things to do to keep the entire family happy. There are several festivals year-round, especially during the summer, that aren’t largely advertised but are worth visiting!

“Where the fun, the view, and the music is always free!” … Marsh Walk is one of those places you can get up close and personal with nature. You will really enjoy this saltwater marsh, beautiful birds, and scenery.

Barefoot Landing is full of boutiques, restaurants and cafes, and year-round entertainment.

Myrtle Beach State Park has a $5 admission fee, but is perfect for shelling. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Broadway at the Beach is a favorite for locals and tourists alike! Enjoy this 350-acre outdoor entertainment complex, surrounding a man-made lake. Experience popular attractions like the Backstage Mirror Maze, Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf, Hollywood Wax Museum, Myrtle Beach Pelicans, and more. Some attractions cost more than others, but saving money elsewhere means you can spend money on fun stuff like Broadway at the Beach!

May through December, Broadway at the Beach also has a free fireworks show.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Myrtle Beach? Let me know in the comments!

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