5 Tips to Traveling in Style on a Budget

Travel Style BudgetGoing on vacation is a very exciting opportunity and one that many take for granted. Often times people want to make the most of their getaway and choose to save money for a long period of time in order to be able to travel in style. If you are a Travel Freak, you understand that you don’t have to have a million dollars to explore the world and have a great time. But if you are interested in traveling in style, we have some tips for you for your next adventure.

Designer Luggage

If you are a style maven and strive to look the part at all times, be on the lookout for designer luggage that will go on sale from time to time at major department stores. For example, Macy’s often has great designer luggage marked down during various times of the year. Coupled with a coupon, you can save big money and have a luggage set that will surely make you feel great as you walk through the airport.

Take a Limo

Take a limo to and from the airport. While this may sound expensive, it may actually be cheaper than parking your car at the airport for the week while you are away. Look for deals on travel websites that often offer sales for transportation services. If you begin looking ahead, you will be able to find a good deal on limo service to and from the airport which may even save you money in parking, tolls, and gas. Not to mention, taking a limo to the airport is sure to turn heads.

Get Pretty

Book a hair appointment and makeover before going out on the town. Most cities can offer a great salon experience while you are away from your home stylist. Check cities for blowout bars or head to a local mall to get a beauty makeover. In fact, many department stores will provide a free makeover if you purchase a couple of beauty products. After a day of beauty, you will surely feel like a night out on the town with your friends or sweetheart.

Coupon Codes

Look for coupon codes for activities. There are certainly many things you will do before you set off to your vacation destination. Be sure to keep an eye out for coupons or promotions for the city you will be vacationing. You can find great deals on food, excursions, and other activities weeks in advance. By planning ahead you can save over 25% off of regular prices!

When to Shop

Shop all year round for your vacation clothes. If you are planning a great vacation a year in advance, you can begin to shop for your vacation clothes early on in the planning process. The best time to shop for stylish, designer threads is after the season. If you are traveling next summer, be sure to check the sale and clearance racks at the end of this summer. You will likely be able to find a great swimsuit, cover-up, and sandals for up to 75% off! That is a huge savings!

What are your best tips for heading out in style?

Text2Save Is The Latest in Earning and Saving for Bloggers

Text2Save ShopShare
Background Photo Credit – Scribendi.com

I’ve never been a fan of affiliate programs for bloggers and belong to very few. The few I do belong to, I don’t actually participate in or use often, if at all. Over the years I have been blogging I never really found one affiliate program that I  loved or really dove into. Most of them always seemed to me to not be worth the effort for the little bit of extra income it generated for me. I never felt like I wanted to be constantly changing in and out links or trying to fit an affiliate link into a post for my readers so basically after 5 or 6 years of blogging I don’t bother with them.

Last week while reading a blog I follow, Trippin’ With Tara, I began reading her post on ShopShare network’s new influencer/blogger program called Text2Save – A program that works well for both bloggers and their readers. A program that will allow me to earn while my readers save. I was happy to read that Tara felt the same way I did about some other affiliate programs. Because I have met Tara personally and have followed her blog for quite some time, I trusted her recommendation so after a few days of bouncing things around, I decided to give Text2Save a try. This is a new and effective way for influencers of all sizes to capitalize on the Text2Save opportunity and I excited to share it.

Influencers earn while their readers save. It seems like a win/win situation to me. Everyone likes to save money. Everyone likes to get a deal. I know I am always looking for the best way to save on so many of the purchases I make. I finally found a way to save that I can share with my readers!

What is Text2Save?

Text2Save is a new way to not only save big money while you shop but save the offer when you are ready to buy. We realize people might have some reservations about it, so we want to clear that up right now.

We Trust Text2Save

We can’t speak for all texting programs, but the ones we share, we know quite a bit about. Thanks to working closely with ShopShare Network, we have the insider scoop on how Text2Save works. Shopshare does their due diligence to make sure they are offering something that benefits everyone. Lots of research went into this program before the launch. Lawyers and compliance teams and all the boring things necessary to make sure our audience receives valuable offers from brands you love and only when you give your express permission. It’s a convenient way of shopping, save the offer for later, and/or share with your friends.

What’s in it for us?

Well, I’m not sure if you knew this but there are millions of bloggers in the USA alone. On a daily basis, we are driven to provide our audience with valuable information and product recommendations. We aren’t professional sales people, we are doing what we love and trying to make a living doing it. The blogger community has gotten more and more competitive as advertisers demand more and more performance from us, more likes, more clicks, more comments, more, and more. The net result is dollars over quality, and we aren’t down for that. Content should be inspired, not a volume business, lol but it has quickly become that.

Text2Save by ShopShare Network allows us to more wisely choose what content we want to write about while earning income sharing about brands and hot deals that WE CHOOSE via social or on our blog!

How Does It Work?

When you opt-in to Text2Save, ShopShare Network sends instructions to your mobile device on how to redeem the offer with our affiliate tracking link that allows us to earn a small commission on anything purchased at no extra cost to you. In fact, ShopShare is negotiating hard to provide some of the best deals available exclusively to their blogger network.

This is a convenient form of direct response advertising, remember this:  

“Call this 1800 number and receive 50% off, if you call in within 24 hours you’ll get double your order, blah, blah blah …..”

Now texting has replaced phone calls! Text2Save is an efficient and effective way to deliver the offer directly to your mobile device, save money on the brands and products you love, and be able to actually find the offer when you are ready to use it – there are expiration dates but don’t worry ShopShare’s Text2Save program ensures you know what you are signing up for!

How does it work? Example Only

  • We will post promotions on our blog or social channels
  • Text TRIP120 to 12345
  • You can expect to see disclosures when we post a promotion:
  • USA Only. Message & data rates may apply. You agree to receive information and product promotions up to 4 automated text messages per month from TravelBrand.com. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Text STOP to 77453 to cancel anytime.

Text2Save ShopShare

2) A Text message will be sent within a few minutes asking you to reply YES to confirm you want to receive information about a specific offer

3) Click on the link at bottom to redeem offer and use promotion code at checkout to ensure you receive the discount

4) A reminder message may be sent so don’t be alarmed, promotions generally don’t last long so we want to ensure you take advantage

Reasons to Use Text2Save

Exclusive savings – In most cases, the coupon codes offered through Text2Save are exclusive and larger than what you will find elsewhere.

Always with you – How many times do you have that piece of mail with a coupon code on it with you when you want to buy the item? Or, you remember seeing a great code somewhere, but can’t find it once you’re ready to buy. Finding a current code online isn’t always easy. With Text2Save the code is in your text messages. And, I am going to bet, your phone is always with you.

Customized offers – The keywords to text are niche-specific, so you’ll only get deals on what you’re interested in.

No spam – To run Text2Save offers on the brand’s side, much compliance is necessary. That means you can read exactly what you are signing up for. The disclosure message will say exactly how many texts you will receive, and you can believe it. Compliance is not something anyone wants to mess with.  

Opt out anytime – There’s clear messaging on how to opt out easily at any time. If you signed up for more than one promotion and the short code, otherwise known as the number you text to, and enter STOP you will be opted-out of all promotions associated with that number. You can choose to opt-in again when you see an offer you like. Easy peesy!

Advertising continues to evolve with technology. Text2Save is not a gimmick or spammy trick; it’s simply a way to reach people where they are nowadays – their phones. Consumers can reap the rewards in big savings. Influencers can participate to earn affiliate money. It’s a promising platform that we can all feel comfortable embracing!

Going On Vacation Soon? Get Your Work Ducks in a Row First!

Vacation Planning

In the United States vacation has become a blessing and a curse: Most of us want to take time off, but sometimes the stress involved in prepping for a break from work can make beach time seem a little less tantalizing. And even when Americans take vacation, they often have a hard time truly disconnecting from work. Approximately 60 percent of employees report working while on vacation. This pressure to work around the clock seems to weigh hardest on the youngest working generation; one study found that 35 percent of Millennials often work every day of their vacations.

Vacations are great. But what isn’t great is going on a vacation and having to worry about or actually do work. Unfortunately, though, many Americans are caught in the trap of either not taking a vacation at all, or taking a vacation and working while they’re supposed to be off the clock. That has caught us in a bind of too much stress and too big of a negative emotional, mental, and physical impact on our health.

What can help, then, is preparation—and not the day before vacation prep, either. At least a month before you want to leave, you should start thinking about what’s going to happen while you’re gone, and who can help manage various tasks. And you also need to tell people—anyone who might be able to fill in for you in certain spots while you’re gone and anyone who might be impacted by you not being in the office. All of this poses the question: Can you take your vacation and enjoy it, too?

Want to learn more ways to plan well for a vacation? Use the ideas in this graphic.

Vacation Planning

How to Prep for a Stress-Free Vacation from Work

  • Prioritize your workload in advance
    About a month before you leave for vacation, identify the tasks you must tackle before you leave, and the tasks you need to complete promptly once you get back. Then chart out a plan to finish all the must-dos in a timely manner. While you’re at it, make sure to avoid booking important meetings on the last day before you leave and the first few days after you return. That way, you can give the meeting your full attention after you return.
  • Notify people of your absence
    Several weeks before your trip, share your vacation dates with your coworkers and clients. Then follow up with them a few days before you leave to remind them that you’ll be out of town. In addition to these personal reminders, set up notifications the day before you leave including:

    • A voicemail message that states the length of your trip and who to contact in your absence
    • An automated email responder with the same content as your voicemail message
    • A calendar setting that shows when you’ll be out (provided your office uses shared calendars)

By clearly communicating your absence, you can prevent frustrated calls and emails from coworkers or clients who think they’re being ignored. You’ll also help things flow smoothly by letting people know whom to contact in your absence.

  • Clearly delegate responsibilities – If tasks need to be completed in your absence, delegate them to the appropriate parties in advance. Make sure the person or people you’ve delegated to have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and how to get in touch with you should things go wrong. (It can also be helpful to leave written instructions to minimize the chance of them needing to interrupt your vacation.) Also be sure to tell the rest of your team who’ll be responsible for what in your absence. That way, people can reach out directly to the point person for particular tasks.
  • Set and communicate boundaries – In addition to letting people know when you’ll be gone, it’s important to establish expectations around whether or not you’ll stay connected while you’re away. If you’re going somewhere with poor reception or if you choose to unplug for a few days, make sure coworkers and clients know you won’t be reachable during that time. Whether you plan to check email and voicemail once a day or only respond to coworker and client issues that qualify as an emergency, let people know. The boundaries are up to you; what matters is that you communicate them clearly so everyone is on the same page.
  • Clean up your work space – Not only is it a lot nicer to return to a clean desk than a messy one, but you’ll do your coworkers a huge favor by organizing your space before you leave. Label important files (or anything else your coworkers may need to access while you’re gone) and make sure they’re easily accessible. Leave notes documenting processes for tasks that may fall to others while you’re gone. Lastly, unplug any electronics so you do not waste electricity.
  • Pack accordingly – If you plan to do some work or be semi-available while on vacation, remember to pack everything you need such as a laptop or tablet, important documents, passwords, adapters, and chargers.

Preparing for vacation in an orderly way requires some extra effort. But by taking the time to get organized before your absence, you’ll help ensure things stay organized while you’re gone. And that’s a breath of fresh air.

Make sure all your work ducks are in a row before you leave for vacationInfographic by Quill

Summer Fun ~ The Top 3 Ways to Roast a Pig

Roast Pig

Warm weather is upon us which means that it is likely that you will be vacationing outdoors or enjoying family meals with loved ones. If you are hosting a family cookout or a large gathering, serving pig as the main entree is always a huge hit. As with any type of specialty cooking, roasting a pig takes time, effort, and careful planning. This article will help identify a few ways that you can successfully roast a pig for your next family function.

  1. The first thing you need to decide is how you want to cook your pig. There are several ways to do so such as on a grill, spit, or rotisserie. Some prefer to use a large, box roaster that cooks the pig over a period of time in a covered container. A pig roaster can make some of the tastiest meat on the planet. The charcoal and wood mixture flavors the meat in a unique way and adds a latin flair to it. Be sure to account for the amount of time it will take to cook a big thoroughly. Using a roasting box, you can count on needing 4 hours of roasting time for an entire hog.
  2. Consider what kind of flavor you want the roasted pig to have. If you love the flavor of the natural pig, you can skip this tip. Some enjoy marinating the pig, adding spices, or injecting flavorful juices into the meat before starting the cooking process. If you would like to add some additional flavors to your pig, be sure to plan accordingly as this may require more supplies as well as time and effort on your part. You can find a number of recipes and other flavorful ideas by doing a quick search online.
  3. When cooking the pig, it is important to light the charcoal and heat the meat just right. You do not want the heat to be too hot or you will scorch the meat. You want it to be hot enough that the pig can cook evenly throughout, being careful to turn the pig every so often so that you can achieve this goal. It is important to avoid using instant charcoal as this can infect the meat with unnecessary chemicals and taint the taste of the pig. It is important to find a charcoal that lights easily and burns fast. Use lighter fluid and dose the charcoal with the liquid. Allow the liquid to penetrate into the coals for 30 minutes before lighting the fire. This will ensure that you will have a longer, more consistent burn which will provide great cooking time for your pig.

Whether you are hosting a big family cookout, making a smaller dinner for friends, or want to try roasting a pig on your own, these simple tips will help you get started. Your efforts will be noticed and appreciated by friends and family alike and your flavorful pig roast will surely be the talk around the water cooler on Monday morning!

OH! EM! GEE! Turn your iPhone into a GoPro with ProShot!

Post contains affiliate links.

ProShot Case iPhone

Fun! Fun! Fun! The ProShot case lets you turn your iPhone into a camera that will turn your outdoor adventures into FUN! The ProShot case is lightweight, portable, highly adaptable and really tough. Best of all – it’s affordable!

Let’s face it, the iPhone already has an incredible camera so why not use it underwater too? The GoPro case is waterproof to 100 feet and is compatible with all GoPro mounts. It retails for $99. ProShot launched in 2016 and has been a hit with snorkelers, surfers, skiers/snowboarders, people planning tropical vacations, and gadget lovers ever since. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a GoPro, you won’t be disappointed with this $99 iPhone case that will do for you – exactly what the GoPro does! It’s easy to use. All you do download the ProShot app and pop your iPhone into the case. Done! The ProShot app is easy to use but be sure to get all of your settings in place before your adventure begins!


  • Highly adaptable – multiple lenses, mount options, carry options and lids.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Very Tough
  • Amazing depth rating (with deep dive lid)
  • Content is immediately available to share on your phone
  • Captures great video and imagery for phone viewing
  • Universal GoPro style mount

The ProShot case is well made and is an ideal and easy to use outdoor ready solution for your iPhone. The case is available for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 & 6s PLUS, 7, and 7 PLUS.  It turns your phone into a great new gadget. No matter where you travel, above or below water, your phone is ready to get the shots you just don’t want to miss! And ready to edit and share right from your phone when you are done. Your iphone will be ready, safe and secure when you are ready to snap that next magical moment! I highly recommend the ProShot case for the price and ease of use. 

Get yours Today – Here!